The purpose of the Foundation is to " safeguard and ensure justice, fairness and legality in the service of the common good and individual rights and freedoms of individuals , preventing and pursuing situations of corruption."





          Granting financial contributions to individuals and institutions to defend their rights in compliance with the foundational purpose aid.


          Development of training courses , workshops and conferences related to prevent, control and fight any kind of corruption.





        1. Donors, Sponsors


            a)  The Foundation might ask the donor to justify   a lawful and legitimate origin of the money (work, investment return , inheritance , lottery winnings etc.. ),whenever it considers appropiate.



            b)  They will not have any influence or may condition the decisions of the Foundation and its governing bodies to set the destination of your donation.


             c)   The Foundation is committed to providing all information on the beneficiaries of the donation and its outcome on real-time through its website



           2. Beneficiaries



             a)  The Foundation has a working procedure , and its  requirements must  be fulfilled to access our financial aid.


             b)  Who you are entitled to receive a reasoned response to dismiss the Foundation as beneficiary.


             c)   If you have justified in that process your condition as beneficiary , the Foundation will use all the means at its disposal to protect their legitimate interests.


             d)   The Foundation will provide its data and the result of their actions in defense of your rights to the Donor / s so he/she can verify the destination and implementation of its economic Donation